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Based Studios

The crossroads of play to earn gaming and mainstream adoption. Whitepaper v1.
A fully realized Chad - Only attained from staking Genesis and 3D NFT's.

Based Ecosystem

The NFT and gaming industries are evolving, spanning new digital spaces such as crypto as they expand at a phenomenal pace - Based Studios intends to capture a significant amount of market share by developing games and products that fit the market.
Based Studios is creating the world’s first blockchain-powered, Play-2-Earn gaming ecosystem that not only develops game titles, but in the future will allow independent game publishers to post and tokenize their own games. Featuring an NFT collection, NFT marketplace and crypto token, Staking, Passive Income, and an ecosystem for brilliant gamers and developers alike to be rewarded for their hard work Driven by the mythos of Chad memology, Based Studios is devoted to delivering the most righteous utilities to Chads of all walks across the metaverse. Based Chads are the protagonist of Based Studios ecosystem lore - they shall own the metaverse, and it shall be rad!