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Project Goal

The Based Studios project aims to compete with the likes of Gala Games and help to revolutionize the Play-2-Earn and NFT space with our proprietary game, digital currency and NFT Collection - all of which can be used by members to create passive income. The Based Studios ecosystem will be optimized for growth and wealth creation in the short- and long-term alike. We intend to develop a secure gaming world with sufficient stability and consistency for our platform currency ($BASED) to function as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. The Based Chads project provides an imaginative, inspiring crypto gaming community for members to meet, communicate and engage in a thrilling range of chaddish pastimes. Holders of our awesome Based Chad NFTs will be able to stake their NFTs, trade them on open markets and enjoy countless more utilities as the project grows. Our decentralized project is devoted to welcoming every Chad on Earth to participate in and contribute to a cheerful, loyal and energetic community all about maximizing entertainment and earnings alike.