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A portal for developers
ChadPad is a decentralized blockchain game ecosystem set to bridge the gaming and blockchain worlds. With ChadPad’s first-class game launchpad, we solve some of the gaming industry’s most pressing issues.
Independent Publisher Freedom - Our protocol will empower independent gaming developers and publishers to release games on our platform, monetize them via digital items and enjoy profits from the trading of those items. In-game profits generated will be distributed directly into vaults of the developer’s native token, where they will be securely and transparently stored.
Decentralization for All! - ChadPad is a platform for player-driven economies with a decentralized system that ensures our team has no central authority over independent ChadPad creations. It is the developers and their players who have access to their game data, tokenized assets and digital collectibles. They alone have the power to buy, sell and transfer their game collateral.
A New Frontier - ChadPad’s adoption of blockchain-boosted gaming reaches far beyond the grasp of traditional gaming. Game players can now enjoy full access to and ownership of their digital assets, trade them with other players on marketplaces, and support their favorite projects for life. From our team’s perspective, the next frontier in gaming is here and we’re right at its forefront! Play-2-Earn Evolution - We have already planned multiple Play-2-Earn style games that will demonstrate the power of ChadPad. The first of these is Based Chads: Battle Royale. This first game of Based Studios will feature progressive Play-2-Earn and metaverse functions, and will develop in alignment with ChadPad - a thrilling opportunity for developer and gamer alike to enjoy the combined power of gaming and blockchain.