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The Based Chads Battle Royale

Alpha 3D model
The Based Chads Battle Royale This Play-2-Earn Battle Royale mode will lay the foundations for Based Chad ecosystem utility. By channeling the power of blockchain economic design, our project will present complex, player-owned economies and reward players who advance through skill levels. As a true Play-2-Earn model, Based Chads: Battle Royale will generate limitless utility when combined with the Based Chads NFT collection and marketplace.
Play-2-Earn Potential Gaming should be fun, right? Rather than think about every penny spent as you play, wouldn’t it be better to actually earn money by playing? The Play-2-Earn business model is one of the gaming world’s latest, most exciting developments, embracing open economy concepts that benefit all players who contribute to game activity. Play-2-Earn games operate on smart contracts or blockchain programs that execute coded agreements according to predetermined conditions. Based Chads: Battle Royale provides players with ownership of digital assets to increase value, and gamers can sell these digital assets on public blockchain exchanges.
The Mission To build a system where users can play, share and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn $BASED Tokens. Our $BASED token advances current crypto gaming standards by rewarding players in the form of crypto tokens for a myriad of reasons, even equipping a skin in game can earn you tokens. Every successful player will receive rewards direct to their crypto wallet.