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Earning $BASED

There are a number of ways that Based Chads can obtain $BASED tokens. As the project grows, this number of methods will increase accordingly. Gameplay - Members will be awarded $BASED for leveling up their Chads, completing in-game quests and securing rare loot box drops when playing Based Chad: Battle Royale. Take on a boss and you can be sure they’ll drop a veritable goldmine of $BASED tokens! NFTs - Based Chad NFT holders will enjoy reliable, daily $BASED rewards dependent on NFT rarity. The type of NFT wallet in which you hold your Based Chad NFT, and number of Based Chad NFTs you hold will influence your potential $BASED earnings. Skins - The Based Chad world features countless Chad skins for players to collect and trade on the Based Chad NFT marketplace. Keep an eye out for exclusive Chad skin drops that offer a chance to win exclusive skins. Each Chad skin lottery drop features the chance to win: 1x Basic Skin 1x Normal Skin 1 x Rare Skin 1 x Ultra-Rare Skin 1 x Legendary Skin 1 x Mythic Skin More exclusive skins enable holders to earn $BASED tokens when they play with their skins equipped. Skin drops will only be accessible by and bought with $BASED tokens.